Product Range

We Design & Manufacture a widre range of Stillages, Pallets, Metal Bins & Cages, A-Frames & Trolleys, all from our UK based plant.

From our manufacturing plant in South Wales we specialise in the Design, Development and Manufacture of all types of Metal Containers and Pallets, Steel Bins and Cages and Glass Carrying A-Frames and Trolleys as well as a vast array of Post Pallets, Pigeon Holes, Profile Cages, and Door Racks.

Although our website provides a wide range of products that we supply, it still only illustrates a small number of designs that we produce.  Our bespoke design service can provide a solution to any specification you may have, and we would be more than happy to discuss your project in detail.

For a FREE quote, or to discuss your design requirements, call our team on 07973 669 740

Window Stillages

Wheeled A-Frames

Vehicle Security Boxes

Tyre Stillage

Stone Bins

Single Sided Stillage

Security – Lock Up Cages

Profile Stillage

Post Stillages

Parcel Cage

Parcel Cages

Pallet Stillages

Lifting A Frames – Certified 2.5 Ton

Glass Stillages

Glass Stillage – Free Fall Rack – 3 Tonne

General Fabrication

Folding Stillages

Dunnage Stillages

Door Stillages

Custom Design Stillages

Cage and Solid Side Stillages

Bag Stillages

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