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We make hundreds of different bespoke Stillages, Cages, A-frames and Cages for a wide variety of uses across the entire range of industry sectors, and for companies situated all over the UK and Europe. All production is carried out at our South Wales -based factory, utilising commercial quality steel which is worked by a large team of fully qualified and experienced welders.

Facilities we offer are:-

  • Computerised Laser cutting.
  • Bending and shearing capacity up to 4metres x 12mm mild steel
  • Mig and Tig welding including stainless steel, and aluminium alloy.
  • Large capacity metal punching.
  • Electro static paint spraying
  • Powder coating, galvanising, and electro plating are also available through us.
  • Refurbishing and modifying existing products. – This offers a very cost effective solution to cater for model changes and part dimensions.

All of our products are produced, using custom made jigs to ensure consistent accuracy and quality.

Bespoke Design

Our team work closely with our customers to design products to suit their own specific needs; taking into account existing specifications, project requirements, product sizes, safe working loads, logistical problems or restraints, storage space and transportation etc.

Using AutoCad, our in-house designers produce technical drawings to make sure that our guaranteed service levels are adhered to.

We are happy to quote for small or large quantities.

Call us on 01495 788 049 and speak to one of our team about your specifications.

Aircraft Transportation Stands

We manufacture stillages for the aircraft industry, with customers providing their own CAD drawings and specifications. We meet the customers needs within tight tolerances by manufacturing to a very high standard.

IBC Stands

These are an example of the IBC Stands we have manufactured for the construction industry. With personalised name plates for each company. These can also be painted to your own specific colours.

Bespoke Cages

This is a Bespoke Cage we have manufactured, this cage comes with a runner system to open and close the lid, it includes a removable door and can be painted or galvanised. Any specifications can be met.

Bespoke Vehicle Security Boxes

Another example of what we are able to manufacture. A customer of ours provided us with a vehicle which required a secure box to prevent theft of goods. We ensured we dedicated the time to recreate the shape and contours of the rear of the vehicle to ensure this security box was of the highest standard

More Bespoke Examples

More examples follow below.

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Stillages Direct have been supplying and manufacturing Stillages to a range of high profile clients for over 20 years. We design and manufacture all our products here in the UK, below are a few of the products that we supply.

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We ensure that we keep to the best practices to ensure all products are manufactured to a high standard.


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